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What To Expect....

1. Where do I park?
  • When you arrive at JAG our parking lot is at the front of the church. We have have four handicap parking spots near the front of the church for those who need them. If you do not need a handicap spot feel free to park anywhere in the parking lot, but we ask that you not leave major gaps between cars so that we can fit as many as possible in the parking lot. Once you are parked looked for the double doors to enter.
2. Once I Enter Where Do I Go?
  • When you walk through the doors you will be greeted by a smiling face and given a weekly sheet with upcoming dates and info about our current activities. 
    • Grab A Cup of Coffee (This is directly in front of you as you walk in)​
    • If you need to find the Restroom when you arrive, they are located to the left of the coffee station. 
    • Stop by the Welcome Center (Located to the right when you enter) to get more information and grab a connect card. There are also welcome gifts waiting for you!
    • Enter the Sanctuary (Located to the right of the Welcome Center) and find a seat! You are welcome to sit anywhere you like!
3. Do you have kids classes? Where and when?
  • At JAG we believe that it is important for our kids to learn by watching and listening as we worship as a family. Our kiddos stay in the Sanctuary for the worship part of service.
    • Relax! God put the wiggle in children; don't feel you have to suppress those wiggles in God's house.
    • Sit where you are comfortable so that you and your littles can engage in the service.
    • Quietly explain the parts of the service and actions of the pastors, musicians and leaders.
    • Sing and worship, pray and be engaged. Children learn behavior by mimicking you.
    • If you have to leave the Sanctuary with your child, feel free to do so, (Our nursery/toddler area is located to the right of the coffee station) but please come back at any time during the service. As Jesus said, "Let the children come to me"
    • Remember the presence of children is a gift to the Church and they are a reminder that our church is growing!
  • Our Nursery is located to the right of the coffee station. This is for children Birth- 3 years old. You are more than welcome to use the nursery whenever needed. There is a tv located in the nursery that you can watch the live stream of the service.​
  • Our Kingdom Kids program is for ages 3-10. Some our our parents with kids younger (1 &2) or on the younger age range (3&4 and not potty trained) will accompany their child to class. You know what is best for your child! When the worship music is over the kids will be dismissed to class. The Kingdom Kids area is located in the back of the church. The kids will be called to the front and enter the Kingdom Kids area through the door on the stage. ​
  • Our Youth Group is for Middle and High School Students. These students will stay in the Sanctuary for the first part of the worship service. When the worship music is over these students will exit out the back double doors of the Sanctuary and head into the classroom directly in front of them. 
4. What happens during worship service?
  • During service it is our hope that you will feel the presence of the Lord and draw closer to Him!
  • At the beginning of service we will try to start as close to 10:30 am as possible, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. We have a tendency to talk and fellowship with one another before service and we lose track of time because we love our church family!
  • We start each service with a Welcome and a few announcements of upcoming events (We don't want anyone to miss anything!) 
  • Our Worship Team will start off with prayer and will ask you to stand (if you are able) as we begin to sing to the Lord! Our Worship Team sings a variety of music, from traditional hymns, praise and worship choruses, and contemporary christian songs you may hear on the radio. The words from the songs are are provided on a screen for you to follow along, so you won't feel lost. Most of our church family stands during worship service, you may hear people clapping, and see some raise their hands. Some of our family worships loudly and others worship is quiet and reserved.  We just want you to worship God with your whole heart!
  • At JAG we believe that the Bible is God's Word to His people and the Bible is the focus the preaching. We believe that God's Word is very relevant in today's culture. Pastor Matt brings relevant messages (30-40 minutes) that can be applied to your daily walk with the Lord. 
  • Each service will end with a time of prayer.  At this time Pastor Matt may ask for anyone who needs prayer to come forward to be prayed for this may be for salvation, growth in the Lord, or  a specific need. We don't want you to feel uncomfortable with prayer time. We at JAG love to pray for people because we believe that God answers prayers!
  • Our services last approximately 90 minutes, but feel free to stay longer and connect with the JAG Family after service!
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