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Caring for Others


Our Kingdom Kids went to the REACH Kids Conference and were overwhelmed by God's goodness. When they came back they decided they wanted to do something to bless our community.  The kids came up with the ideas of having a blessing box that could be filled to bless others.  The kids built and painted the blessing box and gave it to Jesus as a birthday present! If you would like to be a blessing we encourage you to fill the box with anything God lays on your heart! If you are in need please feel free to take what you need from the box. We hope that this box will spread the love of Jesus in Jackson County!


Caring About Our World


As a church we believe in supporting missionary work around the world. We might not be able to go and serve in other places, but we are able to support those who are willing and able to go! Click on the AGWM Logo for more information. 

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